How to Build a Great Company Culture

07.18.2011 | By: Manan Bahri

“If you get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like great customer service or building a brand will just happen naturally.”
-Tony Hsieh

We recently went on an exploration on what our firm values, mission and purpose are. We are very conscious of building a great company culture and believe that business is a great platform for creating an ideal world. We drew inspiration from Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness in finding our set of values.

I was part of the second group of team members to take part in the exploration of our values. Before the focus group, our leadership team had met several times to think about the topic. We started by discussing the various values that the leadership team had deemed as important in defining us. After several rounds of discussion spread over weeks, we were able to narrow down to less than ten important values that we will be abiding by. The final list will be rolled out soon.

Our new office is a reflection of the culture we are trying to build. Our space has an open floor plan with an adaptive and flexible layout in which the architects and engineers sit side-by-side. We consider ourselves to be designers first and truly believe that the strength of our firm is having our architects and engineers collaborate on a daily basis. Even our managers sit out in the open with the other team members reinforcing our collaborative culture.

As a business, we focus on the soft side a lot. Helping our people find meaning and happiness in their lives is very important to us. Making money is an important aspect of running a business but that somehow takes care of itself if the team members are motivated and inspired. As we grow, we will stay committed to creating a fun culture and be a place working towards a higher purpose.


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