Electrical Engineering

A Diversity of Powerful Projects.

Whether your project is an individual building, campus-wide system, or an electrical sub-station, we specialize in the power, lighting, and distribution systems you need to complete the circuit. And what sets us apart from the pack is our diversity of projects. As you read this, we’re working on an array of designs including high-voltage, low-voltage, critical power, and emergency power. Our expertise in electrical engineering covers the full spectrum of electrical assemblies, control, and distribution systems, subsystems, and all components involved in getting your design powered for a lifetime of use.

We’re Your Guiding Light

We’re taking your power from the lines outside and designing the system all the way down to the socket. And we’re handling everything in-between so that you can ensure you have the safest and most efficient power systems in place. From voltage drop analysis tests to short circuit coordination studies, we’re not just handing your designs on paper, we’re in the trenches testing and ensuring our deliverable works as you expect it to.

Low Operating Costs, High Operating Efficiency

Along with the industry’s best design methods, you can rest easy knowing your building’s power systems will emphasize low operating costs while maintaining a high operating efficiency level. Our designs incorporate the use of new existing technologies to determine the proper power distribution your project needs to remain scalable.

NIKA’s In-House Expertise Includes:

  • Extreme power requirements including hospitals, labs, embassies, and datacenters; we do it all and we are aware of the specific electrical design criteria for each
  • Multiple, redundant back up power that can support any function for an extended period of time

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Electrical Engineering Projects

LEED Certified

NIKA specializes in the areas of 3D AutoCAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM). All NIKA design professionals have completed extensive training on REVIT for both the architecture and MEP suites.

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