03.12.2014 | By: NIKA

Please Save the Date for the next Introductory BIM Training, being held at multiple locations:

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Our New Work Environment

07.20.2011 | By: Jeremy Berg

Our environment influences the way we act, move, talk, and relate with one another.  This image by Bernard Tschumi speaks rather loudly to this point.  Think about it, if the window was not there maybe that person might not be falling.  Whether we want to admit it or not architecture, the built environment, plays a rather large role in everyone’s life.

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How to Build a Great Company Culture

07.18.2011 | By: Manan Bahri

We recently went on an exploration on what our firm values, mission and purpose are. We are very conscious of building a great company culture and believe that business is a great platform for creating an ideal world. We drew inspiration from Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness in finding our set of values.

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Cruising Down…

07.16.2011 | By: Ricardo Ridriguez

Cruising down the Potomac to my first ever tour of the Mount Vernon estate I could not help but wonder that this route might’ve well been the commute of a 1750’s builder en route to work on one of George Washington’s many renovation projects. Upon arriving at the meticulously kept grounds there is no doubt that through the centuries, all the craftsmen and even the volunteers today, have taken pride in their care of these buildings.

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You Can’t Handle the Truth

07.14.2011 | By: Chris Bowser

Everyone has a favorite movie…you know that one that just grabs your attention and relates to your life?  There are some movies that even if it is playing in the background, I have to stop and watch a few scenes no matter what I am doing.

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LEED Certified

NIKA specializes in the areas of 3D AutoCAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM). All NIKA design professionals have completed extensive training on REVIT for both the architecture and MEP suites.

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